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Books by Daria

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Book - Where there is Love by Daria Sherman
Book Rylie's Wish by Daria Sherman
Book The All and the Everything by Daria Sherman
Book Light of my Soul by Daria Sherman
This book provides a narrative of the author's journey as a bereaved mother in the wake of her son's transition. The loss of a child is different than other losses. There is a very real biological phenomena that accompanies grief of a parent who has lost their child. The trauma experienced is not only mental- emotional it is physical as well. Science has established that the DNA of our cells carry genetic patterns of traumas. We inherit more than eye color and blood type. We also inherit trauma. In pregnancy the baby's unique arrangement of DNA crosses into the mothers blood. When a mother says that part or all of her died when her child died, there is biological truth to that statement. We are not as separate as we believe ourselves to be. There is a fundamental oneness that is expressed in the biology of our body. Daria Sherman helps the reader resolve their own life after loss. Messages from her son Paul reveal that our crossed over loved ones are always present.
Book Dancing with the Diamond Star - The inner light that knows by Daria Sherman
Book A Journey called Life by Daria Sherman
Book Who were you before you were you by Daria Sherman
Book Children's Stories By Daria Sherman
Book You're a Genie in a Bottle by Daria Sherman
Book Zebra Tales - The Wisdom of Mr. Stripes - Mommy's Baby by Daria Sherman
Book Zebra Tales - The Wisdom of Mr. Stripes- Bubbles of Feelings by Daria Sherman
Boo The Rylie Girl and the Magic of Unisha by Daria Sherman
Book Zebra Tales- The Wisdom of Mr. Stripes - Nature Talks by Daria Sherman
Book The Peaceful Times by Daria Sherman
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